Fresh tunes from A dot R, TRC and more with DJ Q!

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    Yes yes! DJ Q back for all your Bassline and UKG needs! This week with fresh EXCLUSIVES from A [dot] R, TRC, Platnum and FB. Plus the latest beats from Burgaboy, Zibba and Krissi B + GS.

    Get on iPlayer and get listening back to UKG M1X Show on 1Xtra. Listen here:

    Tracklisting of the show are shown below:

    0200 – 0230

    Burgaboy ft Teresa – You Lied
    A [dot] R ft Lyndzee + Yogo – Thinkin’ Bout
    Booda ft Becky Rhodes – Cheeky Things
    Virgo – Wolf in a Box
    First Born ft Kayo – Dance
    TRC – Sound Box
    T2 – Come On Over
    DJ Q + MC Bonez – Back It Up
    Colour Girl – Joy Rider
    Sugar Rush Beat Company – Sugar Rush
    Havok – My My

    0230 – 0330

    H ‘Two’ O ft Lauren Cofie + JME – Maybe
    Kid Cudi – Day + Night (Agent X)
    TRC ft Abi – Hush Baby
    Booda – Y’All Ready
    Platnum – Loveshy
    A [dot] R ft Rae Rae – You Break Me
    Jodie Ayesha – So Typical (Big Ang)
    Sub Zero ft Ruby Dan – Nang
    Zibba ft Shellzy + Pee Wee – I Will Never Leave
    Pyper ft Sacha – Boomerangs
    A [dot] R Ft Ruth – Make Up Your Mind
    Papez – Heartache
    Diamond ft Terri Walker – Love at First Sight (Burgaboy Remix)
    T2 ft H Boogie – On the Floor
    Beezy – Get Drunk (Agent X Remix)
    Predator – I’m Falling
    Charisma – Go Deep
    Addictive – Where Did Our Luv Go (T2 Remix)

    0330 – 0430

    Burgaboy ft Teresa – You Lied
    Mr Bass – Could This Be
    Zibba – New Dub
    Platnum – Found My Baby
    FB – I Wanna
    T2 – Candy Rain
    Zibba ft Nia – Fantasy
    T2 – Heartbroken (Nastee Boi Remix)
    Wittyboy – I Want You
    TS7 ft Bianca G – Tired of Waiting
    Sub Zero – It’s Time
    Estelle – American Boy (TS7 Remix)
    SKT – Another Love (Krissi B + GS Remix)
    Kings of Swing ft Elena – In Love with the DJ (Wideboys Remix)
    Wideboys ft Dennis G – Sambucca (Agent X Remix)
    T2 ft Tamzin – What Can I Do
    Jamie Duggan Meets Da Booda – Hopeless Situations
    G Fam ft Princess – Frontline (Two Face remix)
    Zibba – I Wanna

    0430 – 0530

    Teresa – Face It
    Sub Zero – Cum 2
    Brett Maverick – Dirty Dinner
    Darkus Beat Company – Promise (DS1 Remix)
    Jenna G – Fly
    T2 – Chocolate
    A [dot] R – Jelly Tot Bass
    TRC ft Z.O. – Bad Boy Tunes
    Zibba – You Don’t Know
    Mark Dwayne – In Love Again
    Sub Zero – What 2
    TS7 ft Sarah Jane – Touch Me
    Bass Boy ft Nadia – Look Into My Eyes
    TRC – Oi Box
    Nycole Valentine – Body Talk
    Witty Boy ft Alex Mills – You Say You Love Me
    FB + Zibba – Faithful
    TRC ft Z.O. – Test Me
    Donaeo – Devil in a Blue Dress
    FB ft Miss Fire – So High
    A [dot] R ft Sacha – Bedroom Lies

    0530 – 0600

    First Born ft Rae Rae – I’m Leaving You
    Brett Maverick – Dance
    Virgo ft J-Star – Good Times
    Sweet FA – Flowers
    Giggs – Talkin’ the Hardest (Agent X Remix)
    Shystie – Bad Gal Bass (Sub Zero Remix)
    Zibba – I Like the Way
    Alex Mills – Beyond Words
    T2 – Mind Blow
    Bass Boy ft Dom – I See You