Free Dreamthief 1 CD


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Jan 3, 2005

One LAST free CD from us!
As we prepare for a number of cds over the next few months..

Naibu - Corners
Nitri - Circles
Dreamthief 5 - Double CD
Horizons 100 - Double CD

We wanted to give one last present to our customers.
Dreamthief 1 is where it all began, and we have put 100 copies aside. They are sure to be snapped up quickly

BTW Naibu CD we have left it for a lower price as we know those who wanted one and missed out would have been dissapointed. There will be no more free CDs
100 snapped up quick time. We've been generous and put 100 more up - so if interested don't miss out second time around.
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