Dubstep Free Download- Preveiew Mix of Mochipet's Chicxulub (out 8/16)


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Mochipet’s latest release on 1320 Records‘Chicxulub’,is the soundtrack for an animated novel in which the Dinosaurs make their way through the impact of the comet believed to have destroyed them. The album starts off with a highly compressed glitch-hop bass number ‘Dinosaur Anthems’ signaling the dark that is arriving along to where ‘Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt’ guides you through Fraggle Rawk-style landscapes in search of the young that are left to live on. The Dinosaurs eventually leave the planet, taking off in their ‘Pterodactyl Spaceship’ to new undiscovered lands. But they do not make it out easily; there are a number of alien life forms that have invaded in ‘The Battle of Dinotropolis’ (Featuring Ben Samples). With everything destroyed all that is left are ‘Fossils’ and our prehistoric creatures are left to find ‘A Home Away From Home.’ So ‘Ghost Ride The Ark’ to Outer Space we go! Whether our Dino friends make it to their new homes is unsure as ‘I Really Don’t Think We Are Ok ACE.’ The Saga is To Be Continued…