Fracture & Neptune - Normality Complex 1&2/Bill Ll & Submerged - Doctored Intelligenc

Fracture & Neptune are certainly bringing all the scientific equipment they can to this little percussive adventure. Not a hit out of place as the drummy duo deal the choppage out in spades in a paradoxical fashion. The bass is pretty gloomy and swings low down the frequency range lurking just out of sight of most small stereo speakers. The overall feel of this track is so utterly cavernous and oppressive I'm intrigued to see what my local club will make of it but I'm sure their feet will understand and do the talking. There's a short break in the middle of the track to take a breath before an even more clattering break gets off the starting block in (at first listen) a haphazard manner. F&N really reach for the cutlery with part 2 maneuvering the track down rarely trod paths between funk and a weird place. Fun for mixing as well as it's rhythmic stance is pleasingly far from the norm.

Doctored Intelligence canters along a more familiar path strewn with phantom stabs which force their way in to the mix at points. Tecching it's way along a funky bass and filtered to incisive effect there's nothing organic sounding going on here at all. Interspersed with various other loops of digitised synths this is a very full sounding track but doesn't sound over cluttered at any point. The beat is more of a backdrop to the detailed synth work which more than keeps you interested throughout. Ohmresistance seem intent on cultivating a sound all of their own and this is reinforced precisely with this release. Tuneage for your feet and may well stick in your head for some time to come. Details of how to buy this can be found in the Fanu review.
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Nice review - 2 not easy tracks to review, but you managed well!!!

I wonder how much they got Bill Laswell to get involved - the man has been doing some heavy dub for a time now.