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    3 Formation tunes for £10.00 (Cat no: FORM999)
    Probably the best one of all, any Formation fan knows that this is a deal! This back catalogue is made up of classic tunes by the usual Formation suspects, past and present, aswell as the historic Formation 100 releases, artist albums and represses. You order, we'll surprise you with three of them!

    3 Reformed tunes for £10.00 (Cat no: REFO999)
    Reformed Recordings has gone from strength to strength since its beginning in 2002, with a string of successful 12"s aswell as the Reformatted series. Artists such as DJ SS, Twisted Individual, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Zen, Generation Dub, Distorted Minds, Total Science and many more have graced the label. To bag three tunes from this back catalogue is a steal!

    3 New Identity tunes for £10.00 (Cat no: NIR999)
    With almost 10 years worth of tunes from artists such as DJ SS, Influx Datum, Zen, John B, Twisted Individual, Kaleida, Commix, Baron, Nu Tone, Peshay, Generation Dub and many more, your selection of three tunes chosen at random is surely a winner!

    3 Starsign tunes for £10.00 (STAR014)
    2004 saw a series of 12"s released called Starsigns. Thanks to Zen and the Starsigns mix CD, the artists identity's have been revealed and we are now giving away lucky dip bags containing three of these Starsigns chosen at random.

    3 Months tunes for £8.00 (Cat no: MON014)
    Throughout 2003 a series of 12"s were released, containing no more information other than the month of the year printed on the label. Since then the artists behind the months have been exposed and we are giving away lucky dip bags containing three of these months chosen at random.

    4 CD’s for £20.00 (FORM900)
    To say this is a good deal would be an understatement!! Influx UK’s debut album, ‘2 Million and Rising’, the Months CD mixed by Generation Dub, Straight Outta Lesta mixed by DJ APB and Starsigns mixed by Zen, all for just £20.00!

    FORMATION 100 – 4 Piece Vinyl Collection £ 15.00
    Having battled through over 10 years of beats, breaks & bass Formation Records have reached the 100th release! And to celebrate we're giving you this four piece vinyl set for just £15!

    JAZZ & BASS Volume 4, Parts 1, 2 & 3 - £20.00
    A super saver for all of those who like it smooth! Featuring DJ SS, Influx Datum, John B, Zen, Twisted Individual, Generation Dub and many more…

    Classic records starting from FORM070 and below have all been reduced to £2.00!

    The highly sought after F-Projects are now £4.00 each!

    Most new records only £4.00 each!