Forgotten tune!!!


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Sep 17, 2009
Looking for a tune, don't have a sample - you might know it very well (as you did before)!!!! SUGGESTIONS VERY WELCOME

a classis d'n'b tune i would say, from 2001-2004 period, don't have the clip
BUT! the crucial thing is a male vocal "narrating"....

it says:
"The DJ directs us to a better place. I'm talkin' about a place where our souls can shine. Talkin' about a place where we can love, a place where we can be free and not be juuuuudged"

right after that a short drum brake and than "main" line goes....female vocal appears in the background

thanks 4 ur effort and support


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Dec 19, 2008
i've seen this request a few times, i'm assuming they were from u also.
i dont know what it is,
i wouldn't say it was a classic (or even a classis) otherwise someone would know it. nobody knows it, therefore its not a classic imo.

to be honest i don't think u have a hope in hell of finding out what it is. especially as you don't have an audio clip.

from the description it sounds rubbish, but hey, each to their own.

where did u hear it
who was playing it


May 27, 2009
Its either the original LJ & Ruffstuff - Soulshine

Or the shimon remix, probs that, its the one which everyone played...

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The Shimon Remix was on like a V Records sampler for Movement sessions, or something like that...
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