FORENSICS & COGENT - New DubKraft release


“As the dubstep scene become even harder to break into with the dominance of the big league DJ¹s only pushing their own material, here East European dub slinger Alien Pimp and his Dubkraft imprint release two dark and eerie gems ready to challenge the like of Tempa, Tectonic and Planet Mu. Seek out the new breed and purchase.” Mark Gurney - ATM Magazine/ 2nd Drop Records

“The Bucharest, Romania-based DubKraft is a tribute to how international dubstep is getting. The artists here are British, but Alien Pimp aka label boss Silviu adds a chunky, dark dancefloor punch to ‘Dungeon Master’. The real gem, though is ‘Whoppa’ with what sounds like some electric monkeys chattering and a superbly rolling and skipping old-school 2-step vibe.” Mixmag (forthcoming July issue) – Joe Muggs

“Dungeon Master is the perfect crossover of trip hop blunted vibez and heavy weight bass. Ideal for bass meditation!” BunZer0 - SubFM

“Dungeon Master (Alien Pimp Remix) is quite a minimal, eerie and scary tune that you could easily find in a horror film. The sub carries you sliding to a very low frequency. This track reminds me of watching the x-files. A nice simple drum structure which sounds like it's been recorded live. Whoppa is a very dark track with random voices and sounds here and there. The bass and drum beat doesn't stop switching up from start to finish. I can see this track converting drum and bass heads into the Dubstep sound.” Deapoh – Bare Dubs Records