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    Spontaneous mix of new favorite tunes for Sept 2013
    What up! this mix is a selection of freshly aquired tunes which came together out of boredom of doing college assignments. Needed to break away for a bit so on goes cubase and the record button.
    I record on my ol skoo CDJ100's. My whole goal is to be spontaneous and blent vocals from one tune into another and let them ride. This mix starts off a bit interesting with the first few tunes really switching pace. From there on out its nothing but madness! Check it out. Leave me your comments, thought. Much appreciated.

    LogikSounds - Drum Adventures September 2013 Drum and Bass Mix

    01.Koncept - Breathe In
    02.Om Unit - Sleepwalkers
    03.Kove - Searching
    04.Current Value - Get on
    05.Trei - Change Your Mind
    06.AMC & DBR UK - Quiet Storm
    07.Submatik - Shine
    08.Trei - Backburner
    09.Trei - Misfits
    10.Break - Music is Better
    11.Koncept - Your Eyes
    12.Intersolar - Above and Beyond
    13.Camo & Crooked - Cliffhanger
    14.Drumsound and Bassline Smith - Close
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    started off well, dark, then the kove tune came in and ruined it bit, but kept rolling with those synth style tracks
    10:30 that heavy tune came in !! but then it went back to synthy stuff, tight mix, just the flow of the mix didnt tickle me that much, keep it up !