Drum & Bass Fluid Element - Mutherfckin Bass

i would have liked to see that sample right before on of the drops. the sample at 1:56. sort of anti climatic when its used and doesnt drop! the bassline gets a bit repetitive with nothing else going on. you could try adding something else on top of it like some FX or some arp shit or you could add like an end of phrase fill when the bassline does something new before going back to the normal bassline. the snare also gets a bit lost in the mix or doesn't have much power i guess. that could be a few things like, the snare isn't EQ'd well enough, the snare isn't loud enough, or you can also lower some frequencies of other instruments where the snare is hitting to make room for it. i also would personally have upped the kick volume a wee bit more. pretty good tune overall though, keep at it