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Ok, so I found I found a tutorial somewhere which uses Harmor.

I don't have FL studio, but between different other pieces of software I can normally replicate any tutorial if I know what the techniques are.

This tutorial uses something called harmonizer, and I've no idea what is does.
It also uses something called prism and it does something called partial shifting. I've no idea what that is either.

Anyone with FL studio know what they are and what they do, or any equivalent programs?
Yeah Harmor is a pretty interesting synth. I don't actually know 100% but taking a wild guess from looking at the spectrum on Harmor, looks like Harmonizer increases the volume of certain harmonics while decreasing the rest, and Prism just absolutely mangles the harmonics, it pushes some of them down and some of them up. Sorry, I'm not much help.

There's a guy on youtube called SeamlessR who does Harmor tutorials and he absolutely knows his shit though. Explains what everything does and how, really good videos. However most of his videos are "Making a screamy lead", not "What Prism does", etc.


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I opened my Harmor manual and found this :

Prism:prism shifts the position of the partials from their original relationship to the fundamental frequency. If the partials were harmonics, prism will generally making them inharmonic. This adds a metallic (extreme prism) or detuned (mild prism) quality to the sound. NOTE: The 'Harmonic prism' articulator envelope allows you to customize the prism effect as a function of the partial frequency.
AMT - Prism amount.
Mode - Additive or multiplicative effect of the prism amount.
from vol - The prism amount depends on the volume of the harmonic, the louder the harmonic, the higher the amount of prism applied. Inverted applies the opposite.

The harmonizer clones and transposes the existing harmonics, using various methods (+/x octaves, or by an offset).
amt - Harmonizing mix.
width - Determines how far upward the harmonics are cloned.
str - Strength places emphases on the first/early harmonic clones.
shift - Offset or gap between the fundamental frequency to 1st harmonic generated by the harmonizer (ofs = offset in octaves, step = offset in harmonic steps).
gap - Gap between the 1st harmonic and higher harmonics.

Hope it helps ^^
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