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**Features etched artwork by FIS on the B-side** Astutely enigmatic D&B outsider and new Tri Angle signee Olly Peryman aka FIS makes a highly anticipated return via new label, Void Coms. In key with the label's muse, Yves Klein and his theory of the "le Vide", or the Void, FIS dives into starkly esoteric headspace on the label's first release, 'Homologous'. This is D&B perceived as a body and head music more in tune with the rhythms, timbre and geometry of natural phenomena than mechanistic club currents. As with his outstanding releases for Exit and local NZ label, Samurai Horo, the three tracks here are defined by their grid-refusing time signatures and idiosyncratic sense of syncopation, landing somewhere between the most obtuse, Autechrian oversteps and Burial's hyperreal environmental simulations, but also reflective of Nate Young's malleable 'Regression' sessions and the sheer otherness of Actress. As you may be able to tell, it's a mercurial sound that really defies or eludes any concrete description, and if you know what that means you shouldn't think twice about getting acquainted. Strong recommendation.