first track some advice please


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what do you think of it? for a first try its not bad at all. next to real tracks from commercial artists its not very good, but you should hear my first tracks, they sounded like run dmcs sucka mc drummachine gone haywire with somebody sat on the keyboard in the back.

heres my advice i usually give, try and hammer out a fat break, a sub bassline and a string arrangement, if you can get those three nice youve got a pretty good tune already.
you can download a funk break from the sampleswap thread and a sub is easy enough to make. the strings could come from any vst with a pad or string preset.

many people disagree with me on this but i think you shouldnt upload your early attempts. cos theyre shit. i worked for 2 years before uploading anything at all. anyways if you have any questions ask kama cos hes all important and fancy these days...


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it's imaginative, but as the above poster said, keep it in the vault. i feel you should investigate some grooviness - halfstep, breakstep, dubstep, whateverstep, and how to create the groove that gives you the feeling. I use any old technique to get that broken groove, a little micro sample of off beat drumming at the end of the bar, out of step rhythms kickiing in at any old time all contributue to give that feeling of variance hth
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