First post...and my newest tune to check while you say ello:


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Feb 19, 2002
Hey all im new here, even if i was lurking around for some time...What could be a better presentation than posting my latest track for you all to hear??:D
Tune is called BIONIC and you can get it here...just right click to download it
(yes ampcast...plz download it cause streaming sucks there)
Also, leave some feedback, many thanks in advance if you do...
Peace out to everyone, special shouts go to the one like Logikz and Stuuu the site owner:)
ever moving forward!

easy sygo!
good to see you found your way here and big up cos the bionic tune is brilliant.
Like always with your productions!!
Hows the deals comin man are you getting this one cut too?
Hey Logikz...yeah this will probably b on the same 12 with left-ledge...theoretic003. I'll let you know when it's coming out;)
I heard 1 of your latest, the one similar in a way to c4c's rocking, and sounds very crisp. I tried to listen to the one you posted here, but your site says is off line. Ill get it when it's on:)

Sassy...Hi, wicked!:D
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