First dnb track attempt


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Jan 27, 2012
Hey guys,
I'm a drummer/percussionist by training. Picked up the keyboard/synth a few months ago but I have been messing with Ableton live for about a year.

I've been trying to make music on my own for a little while now and every new track I make, I learn something new.

Tell me what you think. Due to the fact that my experience is so little, my track composure may be somewhat mediocre (but that's just something else to work on!)

Edit: Dunno if this is in the right forum. Feel free to move to the right forum if this is wrong. My apologies
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for your first attemp this sounds really good!
but I would also advice to layer your drums to make them louder, and also add a few extra highhats.
Thanks everyone for the kind replies!

I will keep posting in this thread as I update the track. Can anyone give any tips for writing lead lines?
nice sound, intro seems louder than the drop, needs to b the other way round, great vibes anyways
Hey guys, here is an update. Hoping to get more feedback on this. I'm not too good at writing flowing lead lines. Something I need to work on.

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