first 4 beats


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What up my name's Ross & i go under the name Dawn Frontier. I'm from Melbourne Australia & have been listening to drum and bass for the last 2 years and am totally hooked. So much so it has inspired me to get back into making beats. ( i used to muck around with hip hop beats on the computer about 5 years ago)
I have just got a setup of laptop, maschine 1.6, midi keyboard and monitors. I have made about 6 beats so far but it's defiantly a lot of fun. Here's my 4 favorite I've posted on youtube so check them out. They're about 3/4 finished just need a bit more arranging. Hope you like them!! click or paste the links ----
I only had time to listen to the first track but it sounds kool to me I love the pad sound though I think it could have a break for other musical elements to take over, the other atmospheric sounds are nice too. Beat sounds a bit woolly perhaps more eq is needed to make space for it, or perhaps it's because it playing from Youtube. maybe you should upload your sounds to Soundcloud, in order to give a more accurate reprodution of the sound.