Finally... Synergist - Gunpowder Funk Part 4: The Old And New Of It


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Feb 26, 2004
Birmingham, UK
Yep yep yep, finally I roll in with part 4 of my Gunpowder Funk series. Done on the spur of the moment, no pre-planning other than to pick out a whole bunch of records I'd not played yet (didn't have enough time to play them all :(). And still 100% exclusively vinyl!

Unfortunately one of my decks was being an awkward fucker, but I rolled with it (bonus points if you can tell when it happens). If I listen to it enough times and it annoys the fuck out of me, I MIGHT redo the whole mix, but at the moment it's not bothering me so much. Subscribe to this thread just in case I upload up a second attempt ;)

The tuneage: There's a nice mix of fresh stuff and quality bits from a couple of years ago and beyond, finishing off with one of my favourite tracks from the past 12 months... Part 4 clocks in at just over 1hr15mins, so get your 80 minute CDRs ready ;)


01) Fracture & Neptune - Apollo (SUBTLE009)
02) Macc - A8V (BRK07)
03) Fracture & Neptune - Wrong Think (BB1224)
04) Fanu - I Play It Cooler (SUBTLE005)
05) Equinox - Do You Understand Me? (ZIQ134)
06) Fracture & Neptune - Untightled (BRK04)
07) Fanu - For Those Who Dream (LIGHTLESS001)
08) John Rolodex - Amenizm (Part 1) (PI007)
09) Alaska - Ancestral (AM001)
10) Equinox - Breakestral Ting (ZIQ134)
11) Seba & Paradox - Wakeup Call (featuring Robert Manos) (SECOPS006)
12) Fracture & Neptune - Too Doggone Funky (INP011)
13) Fracture & Neptune - Our Sound (SE4001)
14) Fracture & Neptune - Venture (featuring Martin Fieber) (MEDIC3)
15) Seba & Paradox - Time Starts Now (HZN022)
16) Breakage - Prophecy (SW002)
17) Paradox - Incubate (PM018)
18) Alaska - Atka (AM004)
19) Breakage - Panic Room (INP014)
20) dgoHn - Elle (SUBTLE008)
21) Kjell - Cloud Thirty (COL03)
22) Outrage & Aperture - Love Like Blood (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw) (WA001)
23) Senses - Babylon (BB1218)
23) Dub-One - Volcon (XA010)

Download links:

VBR MP3: Gunpowder Funk Part 4: The Old And New Of It
Cuesheet for use with your favourite media player or CD burner: Gunpowder Funk Part 4: The Old And New Of It - cuesheet

I'll probably upload the FLAC copy too in the next day or so (all about the lossless love). All the older GPF mixes can be found in the same folder too (new host, old host will stay up though until I sort out redirects).

Ez all drumfunk lovers (mesh I know you're lurking!)
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