FF014: CHOOK/PHACE: Sculptured/Frozen OUT NOW!


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Sep 6, 2007
FF014: CHOOK/PHACE: Sculptured/Frozen OUT NOW!

FULL FORCE presents:

...::[FF014] CHOOK & PHACE - Sculptured / Frozen ::...

promos out since monday 10 th november!!!!!!

Full Force Recordings is proud to present a collaboration of collosal proportions
featuring the mighty talents of label boss Chook and the German space punks, Phace. High quality production and phenomenal audio
engineering has quickly become the standard at FF and 014 follows suit in the form of two extra large cyber funk rollers. In the grand
scheme of things, this release puts a final stamp and seal of approval on an epic year at Full Force Recordings.

..:: Frozen ::..

A chilling introduction gives way to dreamy sedative state where slippery funk grooves trip back and forth coating airwaves with thick honey-
like sweetness (makes you crave delicious!). Senses shiver feverishly in a hypnotic gaze and bones bounce like bowling balls on
trampolines as this track flexes hard and rolls deep into the midnight light.

..:: Sculptured ::..

Forward into the ominous setting, tension fills the air as the script unfolds. True to form, Chook and Phace combine some of their darkest funk breaks with their signature style of
space age progression, adding key sci-fi stabs, haunting atmospherics and a rugged bassline one has come to expect from these
masters of nueropunk.

a Chook & Phace - Sculptured

b Chook & Phace - Frozen


http://www.stholdings.co.uk/cat/soundclip/SOUNDCLIPFF014. mp3

Check: http://www.myspace.com/fullforcerec
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