Feint-`Horizons EP`

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    Subsphere Records presents...

    Feint - Horizons EP

    Subsphere joins forces with Manchester-based producer Andy Hu, aka Feint. One
    of DnB`s rapidly rising stars, Feint is now ready to drop his most anticipated
    release to date, the `Horizons EP`. Featuring the vocal talents of
    accomplished singer Veela who has collaborated with the likes of Cold Blank,
    Ephixa and Blackmill, alongside remixes from Stan SB, Bustre and Moleman, the
    anthemic `Horizons` confirms Feint`s place at the top of the liquid spectrum.

    LABEL: Subsphere Records
    ARTIST: Feint
    TITLE: Horizons EP
    GENRE: Liquid Funk / Drum and Bass
    CAT: SUBS003
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-08-05
    TRACKS: 4

    Feint - Horizons feat. Veela (Original Mix)
    Feint - Horizons feat. Veela (Moleman Remix)
    Feint - Horizons feat. Veela (Stan SB Remix)
    Feint - Horizons feat. Veela (Bustre Remix)

    from Beatport
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