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Oct 31, 2008
Hey, ive been mixing for a while, this is the first time ive uploaded a mix ive recorded, as ive only just got a mixer that allows me to record. Please take some time to give it a download and have a listen, constructive criticism welcome :D
I know the mixes are a bit shabby in places, i know i need to get the beatmatching a bit tighter, any tips on eq'ing/mixing style wud b greatly appreciated. Safe!
Ahh good old newbies...

First of all no-one will leave feedback without a tracklist..
Second don't title a mix "Feedback please.." cos no-one will..
Thirdly, Windows sound recorder? Hehehe Goldwave is what you want, others will say Audacity but imo its wank compared to Goldwave.

Record a new one with Goldwave (MP3 @ 320kbps) , get a tracklist, and you'll get some feedback.

One more thing, the amount of mixes on here you'll have to get known a bit first, leave decent feedback on others mixes, then you'll get replies. I won't personally d/l this because of these reasons lol, not in a harsh way.

Hope that helps dude :)
Sorry mate the quality is too poor I couldnt hear what the hell was happening. Do a new one :)
haha yea, got goldwave, jus dun another one. Think i need to work on my EQ'ing, sounds good in my bedroom lol but wen i listen back to it myself aint worth puttin up. I cant get the hang of sorting the bass noises, I keep getting a big clash of bass from both tunes, even if the snares are in time and it sounds horrible. Any tips?
Just wana add that the bass levels were particular to my old mixer which was a DXM 09, i now have a Djm-600 and the bass needs to be almost off when bringin in a tune.

Try and error on this one. Record - playback - record - playback. The only way to truely understand whats going on.

Also try and have a listen to the mix in my signature, the mixing technique shown on that diagram is what i applied to that mix. Listen carefully to whats going on and try to visualise what is happening with the eqs. Its hard but you can channel your hearing to listen to a particular part, i.e the treble, bass etc.

Practice practice practice!
yea, thats the thing i been mixing for a few years, but used to have a shit mixer, just had a hi/low eq so when i started i never used to mess with em, its like starting again from scratch with a new mixer
Yeh man all mixers do things different ways, thats why its always good to get the industry standard cos there is nothing worse then getting to venue and having no idea what the hell is what!

Good luck on your EQ mission :) I'm doing exactly the same now with my new mixer lol!
hmm listening to new mix i recorded and after lookin at tht other post, i reckon ive had my levels too high, cos wen i got 2 tunes going, they in beat but distort, due to too much volume. Hmmmm il have another go recording later 2nite i reckon
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