On Friday 16th November, Feedback dnb//breaks is back this Autumn to celebrate our 1st Birthday Bash with Phace (Subtitles Recordings), at brand new venue Penelopes (53-55 Arundel Gate), in Sheffield’s City Centre.

‘Phace’ from Subtitles Recordings will be flying over from Germany to perform and celebrate Feedback’s 1st Birthday with us! Feedback resident DJ’s will be hosting our Birthday Bash with musical styles such as breakbeat, hardcore/jungle, vintage and neuro-funk drum and bass.

PHACE (Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, Virus) Dusseldorf / Saarlouis, Germany

The duo known as Phace finds its roots in the very early days of German drum and bass history.

Aiming to create a new fusion of sounds and grooves they try to pair cold mathematical structures with slightly random and somewhat disturbing sounds. When you combine these elements, and then wrap it with a warm robe of distortion, you will get a quite good example of their trademark style.

Being picked up from the Subtitles Recordings mastermind Teebee in 2004 propelled the recognition of Phace. Their first release, Brainwave / Polymers (Subtitles 040), got heavy rotation from some of the scenes biggest names such as Ed Rush, Optical, Matrix, Teebee, Calyx, and Noisia. Aside from Subtitles, they also released Dead Air (a collaboration with Noisia and Cause for Concern) on the sampler for Renegade Hardware's Guerrilla Warfare LP. Phace has also released tracks on Citrus, Full Force, Virus Recordings and Syndrome Recordings.

In international Drum and Bass online forums, threads devoted to Phace are consistently filled with praise and adoration for the production pair. Promoters are also starting to take note, with worldwide bookings lining up. Phace has played at high profile events like the Renegade Hardware party at London's legendary The End Club, and all across their homeland of Germany. They have also rocked dancefloors in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Australia and they have completed a second North American tour.

As well as continuing to build their rigorous touring schedule, Phace announced the completion of their debut LP for Subtitles, entitled PSYCHO, released in January '07. With global anticipation of this album's release and the plethora of shows lined up it looks like Phace could well be the name to watch out for.

Are you ready to phace the funk?

Friday 16th November
Feedback Presents Phace from Subtitles Recordings @ Penelopes 53-55 Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1

Featuring on the Night:
PHACE from Subtitles Recordings (Dusseldorf / Saarlouis, Germany)
Hosted by Feedback Residents:
DJ Fychu

Door Times: 10pm till late
Door Entry: £7
Info Hotline: 07970215535

Thanks to everyone who came down to Feedback and supported us during Nov 2006 to Nov 2007!

Feedback had a wonderful time down at Club Shhhh (during Nov 2006 to June 2007), hosting nights featuring Twisted Individual, Quarantines DJ Fierce and Break, Technical Itch from Tech Itch Recordings, and Sheffields finest Mental Power, Aggers (DNBA), Rouge State (R8 Records), The Junglist Alliance, Scratch Eddie, breakbeat/electro kings Leki, Jon W, Chiv, Daddy K alongside many more DJ’s representing so many different musical styles.

Feedback will be celebrating our 1st Birthday Bash this November at a new venue in Sheffield’s City Centre called Penelopes. It’s directly beside the Odeon Cinema, to the Right of the Street Level Entrance, facing the Adsetts Building. It’s only been open a few months, but is fast becoming a recognised venue, already home to Lights Down Low and Future Funk. We are pleased to have found a new home here, so come down and celebrate Feedback with us down at Penelopes!!!
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