DnB February mix.....skeptical-judda-enei-break ect...


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Feb 8, 2011
recorded this mix today while getting high..... last tune is played twice... probably because i was so baked.... any feedback would be nice...:)

recored on two numark tt-100's...and a shit mixer... all vinyl

Go with the flow - S.P.Y
Catch 22 - skeptical
Zoned - Sunchase & NickBee
Sooty - Judda
Detroit lies bleeding - Sato (phobia remix)
True romance - Dbridge
still there - dabs & amoss
No fear - Enei
Loose ends - Alex perez
there're wrong - break
mimic - spectrasoul
ditch - dabs & june miller
Cold one - skeptical (jubei remix)
ruffest gunark - chase and status
Get ready - otiv & btk
Tomorrows another day - netsky
satellite type 2 - commix
Glide - sato
stomp -
too much - break
zoned -sunchase &nickbee ( again due to being to god damn high )

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