FatGyver (Fanu) new album vinyl preorder up


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Nov 22, 2011

ORDER VINYL & PREVIEW: https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/1702/fatgyver-low-intensity-interval-beats


"Low Intensity Interval Beats" is the fourth FatGyver release so far. All these works are my testament to what hip hop is to me. It all leans towards nineties US east coast vibes, but I'm adding my own spice to it. I guess you don't hip hop out of Finland every day.
I've always loved sample-based music, and to me, hip hop has always been about working with samples.
And samplers. On this album, you'll hear my SP 1200, MPC 60, as well as various other devices.

This is a beat tape (or a record!) that I'm very proud of and think it does make its own small statement in today's hip hop world.

This album has not been released in a digital format yet.
Everyone who orders the record will also get a link to a digital download on Jan 12, which is when this preorder campaign will end and a regular digital download will be in stores.

*This is the only way to buy this record*

The copies will be numbered to emphasize the extra-elite vibe you get when buying this record.

Let's support vinyl once again like we did with my last album, The Silent Watcher.

Please share with likeminded friends.

-Fanu aka FatGyver

Vinyl preorder link


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Nov 22, 2011
92/100 orders in the first week. These are going fast. Unless Diggers are willing to go over 100, I'd say be quick if you want one…
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