Fanu - "SERENDIPITY" (beats, breaks, dnb, dubsteppy stuff, downbeat)


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(art by Karezoid.)
Hi there, fellow breakbeat lovers :wave:

I'm glad to let ya'll know that my new album, "SERENDIPITY", is out NOW.

It was a long-time project, and I finished it nicely in the summer as the result of me busting my ankle while skateboarding so I couldn’t move around a lot so I just stayed at home, finishing it by putting all my frustration and spare time into it.
I tried to make it pretty versatile.

You can go to Digital Tunes web store, Amazon,, Boomkat, iTunes, Beatport or any decent web store.
Distribution by SRD.

Is it good? You be the judge and let me know.
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A few tracks can also be found on Youtube: just do a search for Fanu + Serendipity.

I hope you dig it :)

-Fanu /