Fanu 09 US tour June / July


Apr 10, 2007
Hello once again guys ;)

I super stoked to be making this announcement again. The thread title might have given away the BIG news, but FANU will be doing another North American tour this summer. We are aiming for June / July.

The summer of '08 saw him hit 13 cities and destroy many o speaker boxes. This tour he is coming with even more heat fresh on the release of his new album Homefree which will be out on his label Lightless.

PLEASE let me know if you have some interest in picking up this tour. It will work the same as all the other tours I have arrainged. We would like to get all serious inquiries wrapped up by the beginning of April and will collect flightshares no later than the end of April for the June tour. This allows us enough time to get the best flight prices possible.

So please spread the word to all of your friends and contacts. The more stops we have for this tour, the more affordable it is for everyone. Fanu is a seasoned traveller and requires very little. Expenses such as hotels and hookers are not needed for this man....... unless you want to get him a hooker in a hotel :)

Dont miss your chance to be part of another kick ass tour with one of the genres leading influences hot on the heels of the new album release.

For booking info -

Sign up / join me at -

For Fanu mixes -

For soundclips of the new Homefree album -

Thanks again everyone that we have worked with in the past, and those we will work with in the future. Time to blow some minds again!:not_worth
^^ nothing yet:not_worth

Yep yep, I'm excited to say it looks like we are getting ready to purchase all of the flights. Don't get left out.

We have some open dates june 14th - june 18th on the east coast and we'd love to fill them in.

hit me up about any other dates but this thing is almost done, so PLEASE contact me asap. Flightshare will be due next week.

contact -
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