Drum & Bass Fallen - Jordan Parsons (Dark, Atmospheric D&B Tune!)

Mr Fletch

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1st off, nearly 8 minutes is waaaaay tooooo long for a track, see if you can shorten it to around the 5 minute mark at least. I'd start by chopping 8 bars off that intro cos, although it sounds nice, it's really long and repetative. The drums kinda just drop without any warning too, maybe a nice sweep or reversed cymbal to bring them in would help.

Ok, so I now realised that once the drum work came in, that was it for the next 6 and a half minutes. You just kinda faded the drums out, then back in again. If I'm totally honest it's probably one of the most repetative tracks I've ever heard. But dont be discouraged! we all started somewhere mate.

You need to focus on the structure of a track, an intro. The body, and an outro. Sweeps and risers, reverse cymbals etc all work miracles when it comes to leading the listener into the next section of the track. directly followed by crashes or explosions on the drop for added impact. Also you can have snare rolls, kick rolls etc for lead ups. short silences before drops to make the drop sound bigger. Theres an absolute endless number of things you can do with transitions into different parts of your track to keep the listener interested.

Also work on changing the melodies and keys every so often so its not the same 4 bar riff throughout the whole track, this is a huge factor of people getting bored by a track. and change up the drum pattern every so often too.

Sorry if this has come across harsh in any way, I dont mean it to. but these are all points which I took ages to learn, and now I know them they make a big differece! Anything else I can help you with just gimme a shout.


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No worries at all man!

This is the exact thing I am after ;D

Will take that all into consideration for future tunes :)

Could I also ask what you thought of the drums sounds themselves? As in did you find the claps and kicks had enough power etc. ?
in my opinion , sequences are too long & not enough changes :)
it could be mental , and trippy if you could add some more melodies , maybe a voice ?
it's too empty i think , add a lot of subtle things and you will get an interesting tune ;) and still atmospheric ;)


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I quite like it! However, there is a lot you could do to improve the track. Add some sub bass perhaps? Take a bit of the sub out of the kick drum, that will actually add more punch rather than being a muffley bassy kick, it will be more orientated around low/mids. Also try varying the drum beat a bit and a few hits here and there? pads sound clean though.