Fabio & klute @ medicine bar autum

Dj SmurFiE

Tha Muffin men crew
ok, this is an absoloute LONG SHOT, but i thought i may as well give it a go. I was at autum listening to klutes set (absoloute CLASS btw) and this tune came on, now i was pretty mashed and i know you pretty much like every tune when you're in that sort of state but this really was a good tune; anyway it had the same sort of pace as tech itchs' soldiers, that hard kick drum almost gabba like feel to it. It had a female vocal, now i think she was saying 'fascist fascist' again, i was pretty fuked and i know you hear all kinda weird shit when you're off it (one point i thought i was hearing pussy cat pussy cat), but on this particular tune i was actually concentrating on the lyrics because it was so class.

any help would be much appreciated,