Extra Noise when Recording MIDI in Cubase 4


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Hey all,

I managed to get myself a Korg NanoKey :) Not sure what your opinions are on that but for a first MIDI keyboard its working good! Well, I think Cubase is the fault but there is one thing...

When I play something (say an Arpegiator) it sounds neat, just as it should. I was having a much around and wanted to layer some stuff so naturally hit the record button. It is the same sound, but there is something extra there. More noise than if you play it whilst not recording. It seems there is some extra feedback or sound coming from the presets I am using and wondered if anyone had a clue where to start in solving this.

So far I have only used the NI Massive Plugin. I am going to try out a few different ones later when I get the chance but I have a feeling it is something to do with the set up in Cubase.

Any help would be many thankables! :p