Extent V.I.P podcast episode 6 ft DJ Spindall


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Oct 3, 2009
Extent V.I.P recordings present podcast episode 6 featuring DJ Spindall.

The Extent recordings group are back with a fresh new podcast and this time in the mix we have Dj Spindall from one of Londons finest underground radio stations, Rude fm.
In this months feature Spindall is dropping some very big dubs forthcoming from Extent & Extent V.I.P and many more including one of his latest collabs with Kalm witch is track 01 in the tracklist (Kalm & Spindall: Streams) this track will be released on Extent V.I.P along with another track that we will reveal very soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for when these tracks are released in all good stores.

For those that are not familiar with DJ Spindall, below we have added his bio about his journey through the Drum&Bass scene as a dj and producer.

Dj Spindall is a london based drum n bass DJ specialising in the deeper side of the dnb spectrum. He started out at the tender age of 13 back in 1995 mixing jungle, drum n bass.
He got his first play out aged 15 in 1997 at cambridge’s Junction for a night called ”Rubber soul”, which was run by pete who runs the legendary Warning event @ the same venue. He switched to Garage music in 1998 after constant requests to play at parties and the opportunity to secure a residancy at a successful U18 event called ”Pulse” (later Rhythm Nation). This led to a show on Mac fm (voted best uk garage station at the garage awards in 1999 & 2000) amongst others and play outs at massive events such as ”Exposure” & ”Underground explosion” @ the Collosseum (vauxhall).
After a 4 yr break from DJing spindall returned to drum n bass in 2005 and secured radio shows on icecold fm & Lifefm.co.uk b4 later moving to current station Rude FM.com in Nov’ 2006. Since his return to Dj-ing Spindall has played for promoters such as, Moondance, History of Dance, Son of Dance,Knowledge magazines ”Bar knowledge”, Essence of chi and many others.
2008 saw Spindall start up his own night (Nurtured Beatz) as well co producing his first tracks with up n coming producer Diamond Eye… now 2011-2012 Spindall is working on some promising projects to date with Kalm who is also making serious moves within in the scene and getting signed up along with Spindall to some respectable labels with releases out in major stores...and getting bookings all over the country including one of Londons big nights Intent to supply / Broken audio including his own night Nutured Beatz and many more.

Catch Spindall’s show every Friday (8-10pm) on Londons leading drum n bass station.. RUDE FM were you can catch some of the best in deeper darker Drum&Bass.

Spindal on soundcloud

Nutured Beatz on soundcloud

Mix & Tracklist Podcast Episode 6

1: Kalm & Spindall: Streams: Extent dub
2: Darkhalf: Analytical behaviour: Extent dub
3: Antagonist: Neutralise: Dub
4: Kalm & Carera: Ton of Bricks: Dub
5: The Untouchables: Cosmic dust: Extent dub
6: J Robinson & Subs: Abandoned city: Tribe 12 Dub
7: VRH: The beast: Extent dub
8: Diamond eye: Another entry: Dub
9: Diphasic: Darkestar: Dub
10: Kalm & Carera: Policy: Dub
11: Kodo: Rough trade: Buried audio
12: Kalm/ Carera/ Keza: Memory cypha: Dub
13: Break: Framework: Symmetry
14: Kalm/ Carera/ Keza: Seventh Son: Dub
15: Policay: Iongun: Extent dub
16: Kalm & Carera: Late nite vibes: Dub


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