Extent V.I.P brings to you Q brick – No difference - 2 track single pack

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    Extent V.I.P brings to you Q brick – No difference - 2 track single pack

    We at Extent VIP are proud to announce the release of the ' No Difference' single pack from one of our smoothest producers Q Brick

    The single pack has 2 amazing tracks and the tracks are as follows:

    1- No Difference.

    This track is just so deep! The beats are rockin , The bass is sub low and very smooth, and the synths float on like a feather in the wind! This will have you drifting off into the deep zone indefinately.. This will have you wanting more from the talented Q Brick!!!

    2- Dream About.

    This track is just beautiful. The beats are rollin', The bassline is smooth and the melody is just amazingly dreamy and the track as a whole, will have you right in the zone!
    This could be played in a liquid set, A deep rollers set or even a dancefloor set, so It is highly recommended by us at Extent VIP!!! It's an essential buy!!!

    Click the soundcloud link to preview & buy