Exploration music podcast 20 mixed by Seis


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Sep 16, 2010

For episode #20, Seis (Exploration Music Crew) delivers a 1 hour mix focusing on the experimental edge of DNB featuring music from ASC, Consequence, Sam KDC, Loxy & Resound,…

Sit down, turn on your subs and enjoy the treat !

Track list:
Silent Dust – Before Tomorrow [None60]
Hatti Vatti & Indigo – Typha [New Moon Recordings]
Thorne – Breadcrumbs [Free]
Mark System – Thought Reform [Digital Soundboy]
Sam KDC – Frittering [Eternia Music]
ASC – Unrelated Events [Free]
Dub Phizix – Inertia ([ngredients]
Instra:Mental – No Future (Consequence Remix) [Free]
Loxy & Resound – Vertigo [Exit]
ASC – Augment [Free]
Felix K – Ice [31 Records]
Abstract Elements – Basic Substance [Exit]
Sam KDC – Chains [CX Digital]
Morphy & Ges E – Desert Dub [Voodoo Music]
Flatliners – Blackrock Depths [Break-Fast Audio]
ASC – Dysfunction [Auxiliary]
Skeptical – Another World [Exit]
Sam KDC – Symbol #3.1 [Auxiliary]
Subreachers – Torn [Free]



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Dec 9, 2011
Good to know that about Exploration music
thanks for sharing this information with us, its useful for me.
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