Exploration Music # 11 Mixed by Reza (Cylon Recs/CX:Digital)

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    Gdańsk based producer/dj Reza is our guest for the eleventh episode of the Exploration music podcast.

    He has tunes signed on Loxy’s imprints Cylon Recordings and CX Digital, he’s the man behind the Deeper Than Deep nights in Sopot and he also hosts a show on bassdrive called ‘Soul Addiction’ (every thursday 4-6pm CET).

    This dub influenced dnb mix is the perfect opportunity to be introduced into his works and be aware of what’s coming up from the Cylon camp. Enjoy !


    1. Reza – Cannibalism (CX Digital Dub)
    2. Genotype – Ball Drop (Cylon Recordings Dub)
    3. Morphy – Backpack (CX Digital Dub)
    4. ? – ?
    5. Marginal – Springhead (Cylon Recordings Dub)
    6. CJ Weaver- A Better Place (Dub)
    7. Diagram & Getz – Fetch-light (Cylon Recordings Dub)
    8. June Miller – Isis (Eternia Dub)
    9. Loxy Raiden & Khanage – In The Face Of Adversity (Cylon Recordings Dub)
    10. Skeptical – Dream Police (Ingredients Dub)
    11. Mindmapper & Flatliners – Lemon Haze (Dub)
    12. Muted – Glimpse Of An Afterlife (Santorin Dub)
    13. Morphy & Edward Oberon – Voodoo Stew (Tech:Noir Dub)
    14. Reza – DeepRooted (Cylon Recordings Dub)

    more informations on Reza :