Exile - Spanner In The Worx/King Shredda

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Apr 10, 2003
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Whats up people this is my first review for DnB Forum so I hope you all enjoy!

Spanner In The Worx
Exile has been pushing alot of his work out on John B's 'Beta Recordings' but now we see him take his production works over to Ram Records offshoot label 'Frequency'.
Wired flickers of 303 electrify the speakers & create a small buzz of excitment that skips along with the filtering drum pattern throughout the intro, until it falls into a large hole of synthectic bass.
The quick drop allows the whole percussion to sit in place straight away as soon as the main step of the track comes in, rather than slowly building each layer one by one, letting you enter the electro groove straight away.
A wavey bassline rides along dominantly until the second drop, where your greeted by a deadly snare build & some screaming acidic 303's. The original drum pattern is set back in place once more & kick starts the wild track into momentum again, with colourful sprays of drum attacks & uncompromising distorted 303's grinding between each snare & space it can place itself within.
An almost Techno feeling is reached for the listener & would create alot of buzz on the right dancefloor if dropped.
This reminds me a little of 'Ram's' earlier work but definetly brings a flavour of it's own to the label.

Overall: 8/10

King Shredda
Some well timed drum patterns have been engineered here, beginning with deep conga fills & small shaker rhythms this will capture you instantly and guide you all the way to the metallic grind of the engine room drop.
Laser FX & robotic growls bind together to create a mind grilling break & an even stranger workout once the 'Shredder' vocals are screamed into the piece.
The starting beats are strong, & gave me a feeling that this could be a totally explosive track if I listen on, & I was hooked on the space hopping FX, & screech pads that threw your senses from left to right. The electro booms gave a warm under feel, but after the initial excitment phase the track didn't really keep me nodding for to much longer. It becomes very subdued & doesn't really lead you to any exciting places as you may have first thought, but this is not to say it's a bad track.
The drum patterns are tight & the main roll created is danceable, making me give Exile props for taking the time to play with a new formula & see what reaction it's going to create.
If your open minded about your music have a listen, it's well worth the time.


Released on: Frequency Recordings
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