Example of whats possible with a mixdown (audio examples inside)

Ok so i wanted to post something up so that people can understand how much potential there tunes have if they just work at there mixdown stage

The first audio example here is one of my tunes Pink Alligator on its 3rd mixdown pre-master (i did use izotope to limit the master bus)

The 2nd is the final mix that his been released

The difference is clearly audible especially after the master but mainly due to the mixdown phase

The process was painstaking and took many hours but thats the end pay off that you can achieve (i think the 2nd sounds better anyways lol)

A hell of allot of the mixdown was just simple EQ work no fancy effects but EQ

I hope this gives some of you guys an idea of whats possible
Ok, just that I understand right. The first waveform is your "master"-version, the wavefile as a mixdown. And the 2nd and mastered version is the result of that wavefile? Or is the 2nd mix archieved by the seperate tracks like "drum", "snare", "hats", "bass" and so on? Cause for example the drum sounds that "different" I can't imagine you get that result from only the master-wave, so I think we're talking about seperate tracks?