EVIL B Lyrics!!!!!

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    Evil B is sick lets up some lyrics!!

    I'm a Nu Breed of cat that's in love with the Bassman,
    and Flirt with the idea of merking a wasteman,
    a lot of Hype might lead to sinister plots,
    i move silent in the night like minature Foxy's,
    are you out of your box or Kane'd up,
    cos you will get placed(?) on your back, your face up,
    don't run up your chops and be in Det to me,
    my Remedee will give your head a vasectomy,
    chill dog, don't get merked, sit back, bun some Herbz, they Low Down Deep and observe,
    my Profile's wild now im calling the Eastman,
    i rep north London, all day, im a Beastman,
    my Pendulum ticks, the referendums making me sick, the bars i spit, might give the mic Friction,
    you might need a Metalhead, cos im creeping like a Spyda,
    and i sever legs, clever head, look,
    you can try Chasin my Status, but you'll die, when you see the Krust and crumbs that i left for the takers,
    Im LIVE-O! You'll be calling for FIVE-O!,
    you know Majistrate don't be judging my Hype flow, look look,
    my chicks in GQ magazine, i pro fit chicks, hips, lips like a bottle seen,
    dont sweat dog now shes my Eks man, and i was just Ruff Stuff, used for sex man,
    it was Fun used to fumble in the night, used to make the chick mumble on my mic, anyway look,
    in Lowqui so my Rhymes are Fatman, and if you know the SP, come with the strap man,
    you see an enemy? IC3. Look up the greatest, you'll see me,
    Mr please! Im like, Mr T, that's a Phantasy forever thinking you could finish me

    How is evil on super sunday so quick,
    is he suckin somebodys dick or shovelin sombodys shit,
    nah dog ,im comin more anticipated,
    other mc's talkin shit then call me constipation,
    I kick lyrics with more metaphores than 44 times 44 plus 44-look...
    My birthdate my work rates ridiculous,
    Ima paint you a picture so dog picture this,
    ha ha hear how hard we laugh,
    im salvador dali paintin tasha marleys arse,
    and you couldnt be a gyalist at the mardi gras,listen..
    them man went to Barcelona,i stayed at home wid my pen writing bars alone-a,
    And im a warning shot,BRAP, you need to be writing more,
    Cause the more i write the need to be frightened is very raw.

    Hurt me please cos im hercules
    murkin seasons just begun
    and im murkin these, fleas
    wanna be G's wanna be me's
    into evil b let the eagle speak
    call me steven seag, in deed
    intermediate chiefs release the piece
    increase the peace or release the police
    call the police 999 call the germans out nein nein nein
    give me that top spot mine mine mine
    its mine in time so just let me just wine
    with your wife and a bottle of wine
    and in time she'll be swallowing mine
    you best stop,
    pop pop goes the nine when im rhyming
    its my time to shine you best stop.!

    Cats that are hyping say Evil's a big prick,
    im Lexington Steele, this is a big dick,
    it's ok im a big prick i admit,
    but you're some big pussy im ready to get stickin!
    you dont like these bars, ya nob, give it a twist,
    i said bars, ya still thinkin bout dicks,
    twist another spliff lets all effin get lifted,
    when they hear my voice, these hoes flickin their clit,
    BITCH, need doe it's me flippin a brick,
    dog, need flows it's B twitchin the (?),
    it's Evil B with the brand new sound but when i step on stage,
    yo bring the, lights, down, pow, darkness sparks the whole crowd and the cats in New Era caps wild out, perhaps its a new era, cats mind out, Evil B's back in the game, your times out

    I'll engauge the gauge, pow amazing grace,
    blazin ya background, erase ya face,
    replace ya fate, now it's taking place,
    all hail the great, now im blazin hate,
    you taste the bait, how does hatred taste?
    your fate is flowers, of patron saints,
    my patience waits none for vacant rage,
    amazin brains zoop, i'll erase ya braes(?),
    come blaze the days, rage, like one of the Krays,
    my brain has bars, files, like Razor's page,
    your pagan ways change when i engage,
    this lyric rage, scum, like Winston, Ray,
    im raging Ray, run, run out the way!
    i'll cave ya face in like David Haye

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    Set him up....Wank him
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    any1 got any recent sets where he drops any of these lyrics? i wud like to hear the one about all the MCs n DJs. respect
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    this is my gun an me say this is my knife
    fuck wid my music and im endin ur life
    new breed stand tall in a wall
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    its his delivery, if you had never heard evil -b before and read them lyrics they are shit.. couple of good lines .. first ones the best bringing eveyones names into it .. im raging ray, run , run out of the way! ...
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    he does a part of it on this vid! starts at 8.30
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    first ones tight