EP for the week of 03/07/04: X-Cert "Strike A Dub" Limited E

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Mar 4, 2002
*MP3s no longer available*

This week is a very special record that I hold dear. I first heard the molto bella track "Strike A Dub" in the Grooverider @ Sterns 92 mp3 set that is here on this very site. The quality of that mix was pretty darn bad but that didn't keep me from enjoying that crazy Madonna sampling tune "Strike A Dub" at all. A year after downloading that mix I scored the record off a kid in Canada where I think I had to pay a gastly price of 30.00 for it!!! As for the tune itself, I couldn't believe what I was hearing..... A 1992 track that warps the hell out of that Vogue song by the Mad one. Heck I still can't believe it was done! But then again it was 1992, the year when all of my dreams become reality, and some of my reality becomes dreams.....(y)

Strike a Dub starts out with a most soothing cord that just lifts your spirits up before a lovely sine wave bass hits and the break from "Sounds of the Underground" carries you off. A madonna chipmonk then comes in urging you to strike a pose before the drop when everything cuts out and the sounds of the underground break is greeted with a charging amen followed by a bassline that would make any jump up jungle fan, an instant 'ardkore fan! The tune really blows me away when that madonna sample is sped up SO HIGH that it becomes a one hit rave stab!!!! The tune carries on in that way till the breakdown when that lovely cord comes back in and nice n' heavy Rhythm Section rave stabs come in. After that the tune kinda goes no where else of interest and its time to mix out.

The tune "Rising To the Bass" and "Rising To The Bass (MIX)" seem to be one and the same except "(MIX)" might be X-Cert's attempt at a radio version. It seems they intended this Rising to the bass track to the THE track on this record but, its actually nothing all that amazing by my standards. Its a run of the mill rush track that has vamp stabs, hoovers, and all of that sort of thing. Its not that bad.... I sometimes listen to it.

Artist: X-Cert
EP Title: Null
Track A1: Rising 2 The Bass
Track AA1: Strike A Dub
Track AA2: Rising 2 The Bass (MIX)
Label: Limited E
Catalog Number: XCK01

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