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    I have some serious drum & bass / jungle vinyl for sale, selling due to a house move. All of the vinyl are in mint condition, the majority with their original sleeves also in great condition, these records have been looked after! Please look at the link below, the records speak for themselves. I have Paypal for quick and secure payment or you can pay via cheque or perhaps even cash if collection is required with a bulk buy.

    E-mail me at usrecords@hotmail.com with your offers. I'll work on a first come first serve basis so please e-mail me as soon as you read this if you are interested.

    Thank you, here is the list.

    Get Your Freak On (Missy, Landspeeders D’N’B mix)
    Bambaata (Dillinja Mix)
    Bambaata (Roni Size mix)
    Titan EP (2 vinyls Andy C Ram Records)
    Molten Beats EP (Andy C Ram Records)
    The Pulse (Bad Company Prototype Records)
    Ram Raiders Vol. 2 (3 vinyls Andy C Ram Records)
    Thunderball (Andy C Ram Records)
    Snapshot (Roni Size Full Cycle)
    Global Thang 016 (white label True Playaz)
    Detroit Blues (DJ Reality Renegade Hardware)
    Say What (JB Back 2 Basics)
    Timing Mechanism (Die Full Cycle)
    Hangman/Swordfish (The X-Men East Side)
    Bad Seed (Ant Miles Liftin Spirit Records)
    Naughty (DJ Hype, True Playaz)
    Global Thang (Volume 8 True Playaz)
    Bad Company Album (Blue vinyls)
    Cybotron (Dillinja Valve Recordings)
    Kloakin Device (DJ Krust Full Cycle 23)
    Firewire (Shimon & Andy C Ram Raiders)
    Showdown EP (Konga Kane Ed Solo & DJ Brockie)
    Architex 006 (Loxy and Ink)
    Jaws (Mampi Swift Charge 009)
    No U Turn (Rhymetyme)
    4 Days/Refuge/The Fear (Bad Company)
    Compound/Fixation (Ed Rush & Optical Virus)
    Flashback (Bad Company)
    Spasm (Aftermath Renegade Hardware)
    Champion Sound (One Q Project Total Advance Science)
    Fluid/Hard Noize (Test 2a)
    Skull Smasher (Moving Fusion Ram Raiders)
    James Bond Theme (Grooverider)
    Pandora’s Box (Shy FX)
    Come Inside (DJ Trend White)
    Organic Funk (Dillinja Valve)
    Royal Flush (The Outfit Frontline)
    Rock Baby (Optical & Rhymetyme)
    Brown Paper Bag Original (Roni Size Reprazent)
    Interphaze (Calibre Soul Records)
    Jittabug (DJ Die Full Cycle 25)
    Catacomb (Outlaw Kartoons Volume 31)
    Flash Light (DJ Reality Trouble on Vinyl)
    Man of Steal (Vinyl Syndicate Urban Takeover)
    K (White label)
    Matrix (Remix White)
    Terrible Funk (Breakbeat Era 2 vinyls)
    Play On Me (Marcus Intalex Soul Records)
    Hide You (Remix White)
    This Style (Shy FX Sour Records)
    Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja (DJ Hype Ganja Records)
    Wolf Remix (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    The Formula (Shy FX 2 vinyls Wolf Call Waiting)
    The Message (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    Funkindemup (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    Wolf Original (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    Super Sharp Shooter (DJ Zinc Ganja Records Volume 7)
    Funkindemup (DJ Krust remix (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    This Style Relick (Shy Fx Ebony Records)
    6 Million Ways (DJ Zinc Frontline)
    Junglist (DJ Zinc remix Congo Natty)
    Angles (DJ Krust V Recordings)
    6 Million Ways Remix (DJ Zinc Dope Skills)
    Guess (DJ Krust V Recordings)
    Quest/Night Flight (Shimon & Andy C Ram Records)
    NO. 5 (Ivory Records)
    Champion Sound (Alliance Remixes Q Project)
    The Code/Fugitive (Absolute Zero + Subphonics)
    Closer To God (DJ Hype True Playaz)
    Shadow Boxing/Prototyped (Nasty Habits 31 Records)
    MuthaFucka (Dillinja Philly Blunt)
    Dayz/Box of Tricks (Roni Size V Recordings)
    Mad Funk/Hip Hop Ride (Krome & Time Tearin Vinyl)
    Valley Shadows (Origin Unknown Ram Records)
    D By Dawn (Renegade Hardware)
    Musically Dope (True Playaz)
    Who Can Draw (Pascal True Playaz)
    Peace, Love & Unity (DJ Hype True Playaz)
    Dark Soldier (Renegade Dread Recordings)
    R-Type (JO Imagine The Future)
    Some People Can’t Handle The Streets (DJ Hype)
    Warhead/Check Dis Out (DJ Krust V Recordings)
    Hi Tek/Misson (Mampi Swift Charge Recordings)
    The Trick Of Technology (Prisoners of Technology Fresh Kutt Records)
    No Diggidy (DJ Zinc True Playaz)
    Rock The Funky Beat (Natural Born Chillers Urban Takeover)
    On Fire Tonight Remix (DJ Zinc Ganja Records)
    Chill Pill/Pulp Fiction (Alex Reece Metalheadz 1995)
    Pink Panther (DJ Zinc True Playaz)
    R.I.P (DJ Hype Suburban Base Records)
    Ready Or Not (Fugees, that track! White)
    Funkula (BJAM Records)
    Circles Remix (Adam F Positiva)
    Peace, Love & Unity Remix (DJ Hype True Playaz)
    Circles (Adam F Original Section 5 Records)
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    how much do you want for the lot?