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The Fiendish

Mar 9, 2011

new mix up with tracks from, 8 bits, BTK, Spinline, Spor, Icicle, Loadstar, Noisia, Zero T, Commix and more.

8 Bits - So good
>>>BTK - Things I do
Commix - Lunar Bass (remix)
Zero T - Harms Way
Spor - Kingdom
Noisia & Ed Rush - Brain Bucket
Tyke & Recipe - Music Makers
Spor - Clarets March
Spinline & Hydro - Blindfolded
Loadstar - Link to the Past
Vicious Circle - Snorkel
>>>Moving Fusion - Turbulence
Icicle - MNML Funk
Jubei & Phobia - Atlas
Noisia & Alix Perez - Underprint
Fresh - Signal


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now with t/l
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Nov 4, 2010
yea, had a listen thru.
firstly tracklist was pretty decent bar a few tracks, nice bit of variation.

intro was good, not a fan of so good but mixing into things i do was nice and clean, little wobble but all good. nicely equed.
also liked the switch between lunar bass and harms way. suttle.
overall good mixing, beatmatching can do with some work but nobody is perfect.

only criticism reallly would be snorkel >> mnml funk. hard tune to lock some times and that sadly showed. seemed to chase that mix for a while.

but anyway nice mix i enjoyed, good work

The Fiendish

Mar 9, 2011
cheers mate. yeah I got a bit happy when I drew for mnml funk in the snorkel breakdown. Tried really hard to make the first ten mins or so fit together nicely and just winged it from there. Appreciate the feedback.
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