enLoad - Lose (demo)


Aug 6, 2009
a deserving bump :)

alrighty. a nice intro, the sliced drums you have in the intro arent too clear, they are very choppy, badish sample maybe.

the drop was strange, but not too bad, uhh.. i didnt expect the eminem cameo hahaha..

i dont know what to say, over all the sound quality, technically, its not bad. the song was just a bit all over the place for me, a little random, a big mix of genres too haha.

took me a while to realise, im using headphones but the bass could be lower, i can hear it in there, it works, just need some deeper louder sub in there


Mar 6, 2011
A, A
Ez EnLoad,
Mixdown needs work, at the moment you barely can hear the drums,
Some sounds do overpower the rest,
Might be a compression or just wrong levels.
Also you should try to focus on the buildup and try couple of ideas
and keep them interesting instead of droping bunch of different things and samples into
the tune.
Needs Work
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