End sessions 3 - Jonny L, Photek, Goldie, Peshay

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    Here is a mix i did a few years back, part 3 of a series celebrating great nights i had at 'The End' club back in the days! Feedback would be most welcome.

    For the 3rd part in my series i decided to go back to some earlier tunes, tunes that i have fond memories of and tunes that got me into the music in the first place. I originally just tended to mix a few Jonny L and Photek tunes but then more and more tracks just kept coming to mind and this is the end result! Featuring some absolute classics from legends such as Jonny L, Photek & Goldie.

    This was mixed live in one take using Traktor pro 2, 2 Technics 1210's, a Pioneer DJM400 mixer and was recorded on a Roland digital recorder. KRK Rokit 6's and Sennheiser HD 25's for the monitoring.

    I hope you enjoy the mix and please leave comments if you get time.

    End Sessions 3 - Memories (320kbps 60mins 16 tunes)

    This time - Jonny L
    Symbiosis - Jonny L
    Kemistry rmx - Goldie (Doc Scott remix)
    Strange nature - Jonny L
    Tychonic cycle - Jonny L
    I let you - Jonny L
    Moving thru air - Jonny L
    The seven samurai - Photek
    Knitevision - Photek
    Underwater communication - Jonny L
    Ni ten ichi ryu (two swords technique) - Photek
    Trans 7 - Photek
    Hybrid - Photek
    Aleph 1 - Photek
    The piano tune - Peshay
    Sea of tears - Goldie