Embrace.Dubs - Blinding

Manu Forti

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i dont know if theres a problem with your samples the hats are nice anyway kick could be processed a bit better and yeah snare is a little weak... id just add an omnicide distorion unit to them... but if you really want perc that are good make your own i recommend if you can afford a decent condenser mic anyway and just use compression (and in my case distortion... i like a little distroted sound) especially with the sound your going for that nasty high end bass needs beefy drums IMo. it all sounds ok i like the arrangement and the changes. the intro needs a decent drop into the nasty section and mabye layer a pad over your current one to add depth?

if you want sample packs ive used the vengeance ones and theyre nice to play with but then i always change the way they sound anyway i got a little advice from someone on her recently about parallel processing and it seems to have helped me... id google that and see what you tube offers on the matter


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Hey Jaw,
thanks for the feedback man i've actually got the ohmicide disto plugin so i'll give it a go with that. Im rubbish at structuring a whole track so gotta work on shit like intro's ect still ;p