Egyptian sound


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It's called an arghul, or argul (there are lots of different english spellings).
I doubt you'll find any specific vsts or samples, but you could probably substitute an alto or tenor saxophone as they sound very similar. Try getting sfz vst and then downloading a sax soundfont.
Getting the egyptian/arabic/middle eastern sound comes as much from using the right notes or scales as the correct instrument. You need to use a scale that has a semitone followed by a minor third. Scales that do this include (with the specific exotic sounding notes bracketed)
C harmonic minor: C, D, Eb, F, [G, Ab, B] C
C phyrgian dominant: [C, Db, E] F, G, Ab, Bb, C (same as F harmonic minor, starting on C)
C arabic scale: [C, Db, E,] F, [G, Ab, B] C (doubly good because it has two exotic bits)
C lydian b7: C, D, E [F#, G,] (A), [Bb] C (same as G melodic minor, starting on C)

Obviously you can transpose those scales into any key to fit whatever key your track is in.
The theory sounds scary because the scales are obscure, but it's not too hard unless you want to write lots of chords because you just run up and down the scale.
I hope that makes sense. Ask if you have any specific questions...