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Hybrid “I Choose Noise” Distinctive Records
Paul Oakenfold has championed their sound over the last 12 years or so. With film soundtrack writer Harry Gregson Williams co-scoring the orchestral nuances on the LP, this is a slick and polished affair.
Hybrid’s sound is a combination of rich electronic and orchestral sounds. An immense opener track “Secret Circles” explores a wide spectrum of emotions, building up the expectation of a big album. “Dogstar” sees Perry Farrel (Jane’s Addiction) lending his voice to the proceeding. It’s a huge sound, filled with detail. You’ll be hearing new touches everytime you listen to this. Every track is a big tune, so make sure you check this out.

Atomic Hooligan ”You Are Here (the Remixes)” on Botchit & Scarper
The original LP was quite a revolutionary sound. This remix LP sees some big players take the sounds to their labs and reinvent these tunes. Blim gets hold of “Dreaming”, Lee Coombs relicks “Shine a Light” and ILS retouches the title track. Aquasky reinterpret “Wait until you’re sleeping”, and Klaus “Heavyweight “ Hill’s mix of Seven 10 Split is chosen for this LP (there were a few mixes of this).
Atomic Hooligan also go back to some of their tunes, and give them a new slant. To top it all off the tracks are all seamlessly mixed together for us by the Hoolies themselves. It’s a rocking selection and has hardly been out of the deck since I got it. The new album is getting made, probably for 2007 release. Also “you are Here” ILS remix and BLIM remix of “Dreaming” are released on 12” this month, but space is tight!

Stereotyp “Keepin Me” on G-Stone
To get signed to Kruder & Dorfmeister’s label, you have to have something going on. Stereotyp most certainly has. His sound is known for fusing heavy techno with Soul and dancefloor. Here he takes his sound further and explores the soulful side of things as well as the dancefloor element. He’s got Wu Tang Clan’s Cappadonna to spit flows over “Do Dirt” and “Big Flows” is another urban grime affair. With some deeper sounds like the title track “Keepin Me”, this is an accomplished collection of tunes. “Not Afraid” is heavy as hell. The filthy techno sound set used in a dancehall way is original as hell. The only things I have heard close to it were from Philldelphia Nu Soul artists. An essential listen, whatever your usual style is.