Easygoove b2b vinyl richie (easygooves last legendary set) Epic mixing.

DJ Vinyl Richie

DJ Vinyl Richie
Easygroove b2b vinyl richie (easygrooves last legendary set) Epic mixing.

download link..http://www.mediafire.com/?ha8t57cb6i53ynk
It was by luck i came across this mix, even though i played b2b with him, it was all by luck the set went down. A few years ago in bristol my friend mills put a party together and booked easygroove but when he turned up he said he forgot his records?? So mills called me and said let easygroove borrow yours but i heard the storys about him and said only if i can play b2b (i was a big fan of his), so easygroove said "what u got" i said hardcore and jungle and he said "you spin the jungle and i will go hardcore". Now the man was sober and what took place was the most epic set ever known, i held my own with the jungle but easygroove was fucking fire on the mixing and his selection. Truley this was easygrooves best ever mix and it was even better knowing the mans still got it despite all the rumors flying around about him at the time...Now download and enjoy the a truley legendary mix and history as its the last one i have known he made taht was epic and got recorded.
Tracklist 1- krust- jazz note....2-brisk- floorfriction...3-renegade- terrorist...4-dougal- really love u (dna remix)...5-peshay- piano tune...6-dougal- party time...7 dj vibes- indulge...8- von dee-burning up...9 paralell worlds- contagous...10 brisk & ham- on & on... 11 krome & time- slammer...12 scott brown- now is the time (brisk remix)...13 liftin spirits- state of mind...14 scott brown- detonate...15 dj vibes- naughty, naughty...16 swan e- collision...17 n trance- set u free (brisk remix)...18 a zone- calling all the people(remix)...19 dj storm- getting busy...20 Q project- night moves...21 dj pooch- love me now...22 Sl2- make a move...23 dj vibes- no more tears...24 blame- jazz testament...25 omni trio- soul promanade...26 the bookworm/ who remembers vol 1 (rare but a vintage classic).
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