E.S.R on ADR 3.10.09


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Ezzz all!

Heres the recording from my radio show on afterdarkradio.info yesterday. Was an absolutely banging show was feeding up the whole time! Big ups all those that locked!!!

Genre: Jump Up
Length: 1h 58m
Bitrate: 192kbps
Link: http://dnbshare.com/download/E.S.RonADR3.10.09.mp3.html

Noisia- Stigma
Monoman- Dirty Games
Spor- Aztec
Danny Byrd- Red Mist VIP
Kulprit- Can You Feel It
Decibel- No Good
High Roller- Ultimate Party
Complex- Optical Illusions
E.S.R- The Simpsons
Alter Ego- Predator
Rowney- Go For Bust
Soundz Destructive- Police Tape
Evol- Better World
Cabbie- Stilleto
D'Kill- Da System
E.S.R- The Deagle
Butcher and Hoax- Silent Strike
P!ker- 20 Seconds To Comply
Complex- Semi Pro
Ozma- Shut Up
Cabbie- Red Buttons
Vital Elements- Gutter Soundbwoy
Nicol and Majistrate- Crazy
Nero- Act Like You Know
Sub Focus- Rock It
Nero- Can't Take it
Sub Focus- Airplane
Nero- Do You Wanna
Hazard- Wicked So
Levela- Stamina
Pleasure- Technique
Shakey- Super Intelligent Mutants
Alter Ego- About Time
Crafty- Cult War
Rowney- Penny Pinchers
Dose and D Tox- Rat Bastard
Kulprit and Alpha- Slopper
Shifta- Down The Barrel
Complex- Decisions
Shrust- Princess Blade
Erb n Dub- Gangster Salute
Prestige and Nik Itch- Party Is Not Over
D'Kill- Da Place
Shrust- The Leader VIP
Jaydan- Felony
High Roller- Attitude
Digital Era- The Raid
Skilla- Gotham Hell (Macky Gee Remix)
Slum Dogz- Annihilator
DJ SC- Walkens Crisps
Picto- Streets Of Rage
Rowney- Take The Bait
Majistrate- Yeti Muncher (G Dub Remix)
Shakey- The Misteronz
Jaydan- Gun Salute
Taxman- Sleeze
Iron Hands- Call In Sick
Tantrum Desire- Strength
P.A- Ill


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