E-book on Toronto's 90's Rave Scene Out Now!

It’s official! “Tuned In, Mashed Out: Confessions of a Rave Junkie” by Frankie Diamond is available for sale on Amazon. Mark my words: this book will have people talking. Love, sex, drugs, electronica – this stuff ain’t boring! It’s high time Toronto’s rave scene gets the recognition it deserves. We had a wicked crazy AMAZING movement that should be celebrated for what it was; an epoch in dance culture history that can never be repeated. The 90′s was a special time for us indeed. Who knows what the Future of Rave might hold….but for now, a nostalgic joyride thru tha good ol’ daze should do ya…

Wish I could offer you a 50% off coupon on your next purchase of E for my ebook but y'all know how that will end up :)

Get ready for a rip-roaring mindtrip into one of the most colourful, fantastic worlds you will ever encounter:


For those of you whose devices don’t support Kindle, an ePub version will be available on my website soon.

To all the bloggers n surfers out there: thanks for your support! I sincerely hope you enjoy Tuned In, Mashed Out. Feel free to leave comments on Amazon and on this blog too.

Peace out,

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