Dylan "Ghetto Dub" (Outbreak 17)


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Mar 4, 2002
Mulla seems to have reviewed the same records I bought this week so I'm trying to make my reviews of the same products a bit different.

Dylan - Trapped In Beats 2 EP (Outbreak 17)

As soon as I heard from Dylan that the mighty "Ghetto Dub" was going to be on this EP I've been salivating for it. My first chance to own this one was from a contest on DOA which you had to post a picture that would make jolly ol' Dylan laugh. Well apparently my series of 10+ pictures were duds as I didn't win. Then there was word that my local shop had some copies of the promo however I received an email back stating they were all out of them.... gutted :/ When I arrived at the shop to pick up another record I found DJ Seen at the shop was kind enough to sell me the copy he was saving for himself (thanks!!!).

Theres 4 tunes on this one, the three others just don't get close to the level of coolness that "Ghetto Dub" has reached so I'll describe them quickly. The "Inferno (remix)" is much like the original except this one has the 1992 hoover like sound twisting in more ways then it was designed for. It truely a mind fuck track though a bit too dark for my current tastes. The "Running" track is nice in that it has more pick me up then the Inferno remix, the beats do have a speedy feel to them. Still the main vibe here is that of opressive depressing darkness which gets to be a bit much for me. Next up is "Counter Attack" which is my second favorite here. Its still very dark just as the others however this one has more of a digital feel to it as Mulla already said.

Now for the TUNE: "Ghetto Dub!" Where do I start with this one? This tune is so damn awesome, I'm afraid to write this review for fear that I will sound like a 13 year old talking about N-Sync! Well I must get going with this review otherwise I'll be the only one alive that will know the wonders of the "Ghetto Dub!"

Unlike the other tunes on this EP "Ghetto Dub" is a violently happy & uplifting tune. It does have a pinch of uncertain darkness to it however its in no way opressive to the point you'd want to wall flower while this tune is on. This tune commands you to get up and dance and if you don't Dylans going to beat the crap out of you (or something)! Anyway the tune starts off with a classic shuffling break accompanied by some spooky atmospheric pads. Some rasta vocal says something that can't be understood and then without warning the happiest of happy 1992 stabs come in. Due to the fact there were spooky pads in the intro this comes in as a surprise, a wonderfull spectacular surprise!!!! Add to that these stabs are soaking wet in reverb which truley gives you that 1992 warehouse effect! Then at the drop comes in a feirce n' powerfull amen break pushing the tune foward at a most frantic pace (thats the best kind). Just as you thought you already heard the whole entire tune you were wrong as Dylan changes the color of the rave stabs to that of the type found on the Nightbreed EP on Little Giant records. What is that color rave stab you ask? Deep, dark and powerfull thats the color! Then Dylan changes back to the other color and then back again and then again, its crazy (well for this day and age it is)! The breakdown brings back the spooky pads, Rasta Guy, and the Nightbreed stabs come back which take on a different pattern. Wow, this is a magnificent tune! If only the other 3 tunes on the EP were this good....... Come on Dylan!

I rate Ghetto Dub: 9/10
I rate this EP: 7/10
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