Duo Infernale - Hold U (Snippet)


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Jun 22, 2003

again some awesome tune from infernale boys

like greenboy said it def need to be released



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Mar 25, 2002
yeah it should be rlsd. and not by some stinky ass label. this shit def :drums: needs a good rls!


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Oct 31, 2002
Portsmouth, UK
fucking LOVE this one! :rslayer: :rslayer: you got the summer vibe spot on! :shades:

Love the break at 20 secs into the clip...... nice to see some producers who arent afraid of a bit of dynamic range! lurrrrvely vocals... & vocal samples well used. Mix & seperation are excellent, although i did feel that the bass clashed with the vocals at one or two points (only very slightly, probably not noticable to most people). I think the snare drum could be a little crisper... maybe an EQ boost around 11KHz. Also, the mix sounds a little dry and clinical... i think an overall reverb could make the texture a little thicker (but you'll prob wanna leave that to the mastering guy)

Overall, this is one of the best tunes ive downloaded recently.... def worth a release! if i ran a label i'd snap this up.... hell im thinkin about starting a label just for this tune :rslayer: :rslayer:
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