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    Betamorph Recordings presents:

    Nephilim & Ekaj - Lisbon



    Mesck (Zach Mellion) and Pound (Mark Evans) form the dubstep duo known as Nephilim—a sound that is ominous, yet remains crisp and ethereal; born out of the artists’ shared love of electronic music.

    Mesck (originally from Baltimore) and Pound (an L.A. native) began producing various styles of music prior to their meeting in L.A., the summer of 2002. Between then and now the two have built upon their knowledge of sound design and engineering. And have fine-tuned their ears while experimenting with sound.

    Their varietal catalogue, influenced by drum & bass, post rock and punk, hip-hop, rare groove, electro and industrial, is what gives Nephilim its signature sound.

    Early in 2007, just after finishing their first 4 tracks, tragedy struck when Pound was involved in an automobile accident. But rather than counting their losses and giving up, they devised new strategies and hit the studio harder than ever.

    With DJ support from Bunzero, Claw, Wascal, Ekaj, Eskmo, Kid Logic and many other Los Angeles locals, they got back to making music. Since then, their reputation as bass wielding super humans has grown.

    Nephilim is an ever-evolving sound project that, as its name suggests, is like the offspring of gods and humans: Gigantic.

    Nephilim (nefil'im) , in the Bible, Hebrew word of no known meaning, denoting peoples of gigantic stature with superhuman strength. The term is translated as “giants” in the Authorized Version. The Book of Genesis refers to Nephilim as the offspring of marriages between “daughters of humans” and “sons of God.”

    Available worldwide Oct 7th 2009


    Nephilim - Lisbon // Betamorph Recordings 3.0 € EU / 2.46 €

    1. Lisbon (Ekaj Remix)
    2. Lisbon


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