Dub Police Experimental 21 05 2008 MAH Radio 1

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    Dub Police Experimental 21 05 2008 MAH Radio 1

    Plastician & Skepta – ‘Intensive Snare’ from the ‘Steppa’s Delight Compilation’ (Soul Jazz)
    Starkey – ‘Gutter Music’ (Dubplate)
    Flying Lotus featuring Gonja Sufi – ‘Testament’ from the LP ‘Los Angeles’ (Warp)
    2652 – ‘Enforcers’ from the LP ‘Ariel’ (Tectonic)
    The Bug feat. Ricky Rankin – ‘Murder We’ from the LP ‘London Zoo’ (Ninja)
    Skream – ‘Filth’ (Dubplate)

    Caspa Interview

    Dub Police live session feat:
    Caspa,The Others, Unitz, Orien and MC Rod Azlan

    Lennie Di Ice- ‘We Are I.E.’ Caspa & Rustie Remix (Dubplate)
    Caspa - ‘Low Blow’ (Dubplate)
    Caspa - ‘Louder VIP’ (Dubplate)
    Caspa - ‘Marmite’ (Dubplate)
    Caspa - ‘My Pet Monster’ (Dubplate)
    TC - ‘Where’s My Money’ (Caspa Remix) (DSR)
    Rusko - ‘Cockney Thug’ (Caspa Remix) (Sub Soldiers)
    Caspa & Rusko - ‘ Power Shower’ (Dubplate)

    The Others
    The Others - ‘Africa VIP’ (Dub Police)
    Subscape - ‘Tomahawk’ (Dub Police)
    The Others - ‘ Superskank’ (Dubplate)
    The Others - ‘ Bazooka’ (Dubplate)
    The Others - ‘Robofunk’ (Dubplate)
    The Others - ‘Champagne Cocktails’ (Dub Police)
    The Others - ‘Kind of Blue’ (Dub Police)

    Unitz - ‘Bass Layers’ (Dub Police)
    Unitz - ‘Scary Mary’ (Dub Police)
    Unitz - ‘Wait a Minute’ (Dub Police)
    Unitz - ‘The Drop’ (Dub Police)
    Unitz - ‘Juggler’ (Dubplate)
    Unitz - ‘New Years’ (Dubplate)
    Unitz - ‘Light In A Distance’ (Dubplate)

    Orien - Unsettled Graves (Dubplate)
    Orien - ‘Look At My Eyes’ (Dub Police)
    Orien - ‘Nickers’ (Dubplate)
    Orien - ‘Witch Doctor’ (Dubplate)
    Orien - ‘Doomed Soul’ (Dubplate)
    Orien - ‘The Demented’ (Dubplate)
    Orien - ‘Early Morning Sunrise’ (Dub Police)

    Ital Tek – ‘Bloodline’ from the LP ‘Cyclical’ (Planet Mu)
    Silent Witness & Break – ‘Dog Soldier’ from the compilation ‘Hard Times’ (DNAudio)
    LD - ‘Green Ranger’ (2nd Drop)
    Tor - ‘Black Girls’ (Pinch Of Salt)
    Jakes – ‘Light Beamz’ (Dubplate)
    Unknown ‘Only Human’ (Dubplate)
    Sub Swara - ‘In’shala’ (Dubplate)
    Sukh Knight & Ges-e – ‘Vengeance’ (Nasha Dubplate)

    part1: http://sharebee.com/773c7bf6
    part2: http://sharebee.com/699ec118