DrumFu - HipHop+DNB Mix

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    This is an experimental mix which isn't yet finished, let me know what you think so far (I tried to do a lot of triple mixes).

    Mobb Deep v.s. Vicious Circe and Universal Project(workout)/Konflict(messiah)/ed rush & optical(pacman)/Loxy and Munk(devils)/Sinthetix(recall)
    Beastie Boys & Nas v.s. Logistics(take me to the bridge)/London Electricity(Hard Fi Hard to Beat)
    Aaliya v.s. Scorpio(li li)/Dj Fresh(xproject)/Dj Die(drop Bear)
    Busta Rhymes v.s. Martyn(get down)/Dj Krust(initiation)/Total Science(street level)/Jagged Edge(rock baby)
    Ruff Ryders v.s. Cyantific(space station kru)/Noisia(mayhem)/roni size(snapshot)/Q Project and Spinback(champion sound)

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